Arkansas misses a pop-up foul at the top of the ninth inning in Game 2 against Oregon State in the College World Series, eventually falling to Oregon State in Game 3. (Photo: Screen capture from ESPN broadcast.)

(Editor’s Note: We stumbled across the following social media post from Sunday, June 29, 2018, by a local pastor after a heartbreaking moment in Razorback baseball during the College World Series. We thought it was worth sharing.)

 Does one moment define you?

by David McFerron


I’m an avid Razorback baseball fan. In my lifetime of just 32 years, they’ve broken my heart countless times. The second that popup foul ball hit the ground, I hated it more for the players than myself. I felt for Shaddy and Cole during this moment. My hope is that they don’t let this define their career as a Hog. They both have won significant games with their offense and defense this season. I loved this team and each player. Both players have taken heat over this play, and will for years to come, but this split-second decision does not define them or their careers. Both have great futures in this great game of baseball.

I was thinking on this situation this morning while mowing. We have the tendency to measure who we are, or our worth, by the mistakes we’ve made. Never, ever let your sins define you. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Don’t let your heart condemn you because it will. When you sin, confess your sins, move on. In the words of Johnny Derouen, one of my favorite professors, “get up, do your job.”

The disciples denied Jesus publicly, but Jesus gave them the Great Commission, God sent the Holy Spirit and the world was never the same.

The only moment that should define you is the day you cried out in faith for Jesus to save you from your sins, and to be your substitute before a Holy God – when He granted you salvation by grace through Christ alone.

Let the cross define who you are, not your moments of weakness and failure. Jesus paid for those sins. He clearly said, “It is finished.”

Believers, take sin seriously, but take His grace seriously as well. So, for all the errors in your life, move on. Let God’s forgiveness reign in those times and do what God has called you to do. Don’t let those moments define your career or your life.

Thanks Razorbacks for the great season. And thank you, God, for the reminder.


(David McFarron is the pastor of Mount Vernon Baptist Church, Mount Vernon, Arkansas. He holds a BA in Bible from Central Baptist College, and studied student ministry at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Megan, are blessed with three adorable children.)


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